Join us on Zoom after Sundays@11, for an online catch-up!

After Sundays@11, around 11.50-12 noon, you’re invited to click on the link below, to join us in Zoom.

As it’s impossible for a large number of people to have a regular conversation in Zoom, once we’ve gathered we’ll put everyone in Zoom Breakout Rooms, where smaller groups can chat.

You might end up in a room with people you don’t know – Zoom allocates people automatically – but this would be a chance to meet some people in the church community who you don’t already know!

Here’s the link for the Zoom meeting:

If you’re asked for them, you may also need the meeting ID and password:
Meeting ID: 884 2881 8573
Password: 533523

If you’d like to join us today, it’s best to download the Zoom program beforehand.  This is free to do, and the program is free to use as well.

Click here for instructions on how to get Zoom.

Click for instructions on how to be part of a Zoom meeting.

The Zoom website is here.