Do you know someone who is unable to connect to groups, events, family or friend as they do not have access to the internet? Would they like to?

Women4Women are pleased to have invested some of the grant from Wates plc to purchase 3 devices which are available for short-term loan for those without the equipment to do so. These loans are made free of charge*, and are fitted with SIM cards so that anyone can access the internet from anywhere. They can be loaned for between 1-4 days.

We recognise that the person borrowing the device may not feel confident about joining a Zoom meeting, or using Whatsapp to video call their family or friend. In an ideal world – and as current restrictions due to the pandemic ease – we would sit beside someone and show them how to use it. In the meantime, the tablets come with step-by-step pictorial guides to using Zoom and accessing Whatsapp, Facebook & messenger.

If you, or someone you know, would like to borrow one, just email or phone the church office on 02392 556445 and someone will be in touch.


For security and insurance purposes, borrowers will be asked to sign a loan agreement.

*In the unlikely event that data or call charges exceed the maximum amount provided under the contract, a charge for the additional fees will be made.