Lockdown seems to have created a world of home working and schooling which has led to a feeling that time is limited for anything over and above the ‘critical’ needs of the day.

It may be that you are ready to start planning the next steps that are important for you.

Coaching is a time to create a state of mind that will allow you to:

Have the clarity to understand your now

  • Form a realistic, clear & achievable plan
  • Create the ability to deliver your plan

Just to be clear:

Coaching is a gift where you give yourself the luxury of time with your coach, and trust the process your coach walks you through. A time where you are supported in setting your agenda and your timelines. Timelines designed to be realistic in achieving your intentions by fully accounting for the pressures of your life so that you are able to plan your next steps that are clear, reachable and you are excited to complete!

Coaching is all about empowerment: YOU are in control.

It is for you to have the confidence and bravery to open your heart and mind so that you answer the questions asked and trust the process your coach has been trained to take you through.

It may lead to a realisation that there may be a benefit for a mixed session that commences with the purity of your ‘Now’ (coaching) and moves onto mentoring or even consulting. This mixed ‘hybrid’ approach is quite often done with clients in the business or corporate world.

What will it cost me?

That depends on you. Women4Women are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity for a price you can afford. This could be financial or by way of gift or service. Women4Women will even sponsor a session for you so that payment is not a barrier. The real cost is the investment you choose to make in yourself.

Below are a couple of testimonials from people that have taken the step. Please take a look, however, If you feel that you are ready to get going with your goals, put yourself first and “partner” with a coach to create the change you have yearned for –  Now IS the time to contact me via email on women4women@stfaithslee.org.uk or phone the church office on 02392 556445

Testimonial 1 – Lisa, Sports Industry:

“Juliana is a fantastic coach and through her gentle support and guidance I have found clarity and solutions for a number of issues I had been struggling with professionally. Looking back, I was a little bit nervous prior to my first session as it was a completely new experience for me, but Juliana was so warm, friendly and supportive that after it I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Through subsequent sessions, I have found renewed energy, focus and motivation and I would thoroughly recommend coaching with Juliana to anyone!”


Testimonial 2 – Laura, Legal Industry:

“Juliana is a warm and encouraging coach and since working with her I have finally been able to fully realise what I want from my career. Juliana drives me to ask myself the questions I hadn’t ever considered and helps me work towards the answer. My confidence has grown, and I can really see the positive changes I am making in my working and personal life.”