July 28, 2019

6th Sunday after Trinity – The Lord’s Prayer

Passage: Luke 11:1-13

Sermon preached at the Parish Eucharist, on the Lord's Prayer.

Mary's rewritten version, used at the end of the sermon, is this:

Life-birthing God,
In whose love and hope is joy,
Let your wholiness be known,
Your flourishing made manifest,
Here on earth
As in all your creation.
Help us to find what we need
And not take more than we need,
Or what is not good for us
Or what is not ours.
Help us to resist all that thwarts your purpose
And forgive us those times when we fail
To live your glorious vision
As we forgive those who seek to quench
The life that is in us
And in those whom we love.
For you alone are the centre, the beginning, and the end
Of all that is real, alive and good.