The outside of St Faith’s building is having an upgrade!

St Faith’s Church is one of most iconic buildings in Lee-on-the-Solent.  Built in 1932/33, and battered by 89 years of coastal weather, the exterior of the building is in need of some TLC.

From May 2021, there will be scaffolding around St Faith’s while our builders repair the building and make it watertight.  We will keep this page updated as the work continues – see below for photos of this work.

Please give towards the cost of this essential maintenance

This building work will cost around £140,000, and St Faith’s is having to fund this ourselves.  If you would like to contribute towards this essential work to safeguard this important building, please click below.  Thank you!

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You can still access St Faith’s every day

While the work is going on, access to the inside of the church won’t be affected.  St Faith’s is open every day, 10am to 5pm, for you to take some time to reflect and pray.

We’ll keep this page updated with the building work, so you can see how it’s progressing – and what we find as we do it.

11 September 2021

After a period of delays, this week scaffolding went up in the church and the upper windows on the south side were taken out.  The windows themselves have been taken away to be cleaned, while the carpenter makes new surrounds for the frames.  (The existing frames were very rotten – see the images from 14 June, below).

25 June 2021

The builders removed the rotten wood from around an upper window.  You can now see down into the church.  At the bottom of the window, the metal lattice forms the basis of the interior plasterwork, some of which remains on the lattice.

Scaffolding inside the church, to help remove the upper window from the inside.

A view of St Faith’s from the car park.

14 June 2021

In mid-May, the builders identified that asbestos had been used in the surrounds for the dormer windows.  Some work was halted while the abestos was removed; the photo below shows the wood behind the removes asbestos sheets.

The builders suspected the wood around the dormer windows was rotten, so took one apart to investigate.  Sure enough, much of the wood is rotten and will need replacing – see photo below.

Having scaffolding up means we can see architectural features in great detail; they show how detailed and well-built St Faith’s building is.  The bows in the dormer window roofs (see below) are a design feature.

Note the detail in the design above of the dormer windows in the photo below.

The photo below shows the view along east along the roof of the church building, and out across Lee.

The photo below is a panorama looking out east and south across Lee and the Solent, to the Isle of Wight.
Click here to download a larger version of this panorama.

7 May 2021

Scaffolding is nearly complete around the south side of the church, and the builders will be on site soon, to start the repairs.

30 April 2021

The scaffolding is going up on the south side of the church.  Eventually the scaffolding will be on both sides of the building.

27 April 2021

These are some of the areas on the outside of St Faith’s which need repairs:

Dormer (upper) windows


Roof tiles