Coronavirus update – 12 May 2021: Funerals are allowed to take place in St Faith’s, but with a maximum of 30 people present. However, we can live stream funerals on YouTube, so that people unable to gather in person are able to join in these important occasions.

Clergy from St Faith’s are also available to conduct funerals at the cremarorium or in a cemetery.  If you would like to contact us about a funeral, please do so here.

If you live in Lee-on-the-Solent you are entitled to either have your funeral at St Faith’s or for one of the parish clergy conduct a service elsewhere, for example at the crematorium or cemetery.

People are often reluctant to think or talk about death but it is a good and practical thing to make sure that you have a Will. It is also helpful for those you love if you have written down some idea of what you would like to happen when you die.

You should for example leave, ideally with your Will, your hope to be either buried or cremated, whether you would like a service in church or at the crematorium, what hymns and readings you would like to have used in the service.

It might be a difficult subject to address but in all the uncertainties in life there is one absolute certainty – that we all die. So it makes sense to spend a short while to think about some of these matters and to leave details of your hopes with your Will and other important papers.

A Christian funeral is essentially a moment for hope, for while the occasion offers thanksgiving to God for the life of the deceased and prayers for those who are left, it commends the person who has died to the eternal love of God. If you would like to discuss any of these matters with the vicar, please do not hesitate to contact him.

The Garden of Remembrance

St Faith’s has a Garden of Remembrance, where your loved-ones’ remains can be interred, and you can visit whenever you wish to remember them.  Find out more about the Garden of Remembrance here.