At St Faith’s we want to manage the land around the church to encourage wildlife.  As part of this, this spring we are creating new habitat areas outside the Church and Parish Centre. 

Come back to this page over spring and summer 2021 for updates on the new habitat areas.

On the southern edge of Victoria Square, we have removed the grass and topsoil from two areas, and planted seeds.  One area will be for wild grasses and flowers, to create a habitat for invertebrates and small mammals.  The second area will be for annual wildflowers, to create a habitat for pollinating insects.

7 July 2021

Some of the wildflowers are now in fully bloom!


The unmown grasses have grown well, and provide a great habitat for invertebrates and small animals.

The wild grasses and flower mix is taking longer to grow, but there are new plants there also.

29 April 2021

We now have some signs, to explain what we’re doing to those who pass by!
And our team are watering the soil most days, to enoucrage the seeds to germinate.

25 April 2021

We have prepared the soil and planted the seeds!  The netting over the area is to stop birds etc taking the seeds.

15 April 2021

Our team added extra topsoil, and dug the whole area.

9 March 2021

We have removed the topsoil because the wild grasses and flowers we intend to seed need a poorer soil.  We have covered the two areas with black sheeting to kill any weed seeds which might germinate now that we have disturbed the soil.

The black sheeting will be in place for six weeks (until mid April), when we will remove the sheeting, rake the soil, and plant grass and flower seeds.