For the time being, due to the coronavirus outbreak, all Church of England services have been cancelled, and we have closed St Faith’s Parish Centre.

St Faith’s building is also closed for the time being, in common with all Church of England churches.  But you can pray wherever you are!  Why not light and candle and spend some time being quiet, reflecting on life, and the bring your prayers to God?

At St Faith’s we will be livestreaming “services” – click here for more information.  And we’re working with others in the Lee community, to ensure that everyone is cared for.  See especially the Acts of Kindness Facebook page, and the Gosport Voluntary Action website.

Remember, even while we are all staying at home most of the time, you can still:

  • pick up the phone to a friend
  • send a text message to someone your thinking of
  • pray and connect with God and others

And if you’re not in one of the at-risk groups, you can also:

  • go out for 20 minutes a day
  • do shopping for people who need it
  • check up on those you know