St Faith’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held at 3pm on Sunday 11 October 2020.

Our APCM usually happens in April, but could not do so this year due to the pandemic lockdown.  Instead, the APCM will now be held on 11 October.  This is an opportunity for us as a church community to reflect on 2019 (which we know feels a long time ago!), but also for an update on 2020.

The APCM will be held online and in person.  For all those online, we encourage you to join via Zoom.  If you’re not online and would like to come in person, the APCM will be held in the Bulson Hall.  Social distancing will be needed, so please bring a face covering with you.

There are two documents to read before the APCM.  Printed copies are available in the church, and you can download them here:

APCM Report Booklet
St Faith’s Finance Report 2019

To join the meeting by Zoom, click here.

If you do not have Zoom installed on your device:
Click here for download instructions
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